Dr Laura

I am very grateful to Dr Laura for playing a huge part in securing my position as a medical doctor in a leading metropolitan hospital. I consulted her from resume and cover letter preparation to interview preparation and AHPRA documentation. Her interview preparation consult was extremely pivotal in that she prepared me for many workplace-based questions that we as IMGs are not used to. Dr Laura is highly professional and will meet your demands and deadlines effectively. Her guidance is invaluable to all doctors who wish to enter the Australian healthcare system. I highly recommend Dr Laura and wish her all the very best with her future endeavors.

I wish to thank Laura immensely for helping me achieve what was unimaginable. I was able to secure an HMO position in a leading metropolitan hospital. Laura helped me right from the beginning by editing both my job-seeking and AHPRA format CVs, addressing selection criteria, interview coaching, and finally preparing the AHPRA paperwork. Also, her IMG group info sessions gave me insight into approaching employers here and what to expect as a new HMO entering the Australian healthcare system. Her professional attitude and comradeship is commendable. She’s very patient and friendly and radiates positivity. Just talking to Laura alleviated my anxiety and boosted my confidence.